How Cleaning Management Software Holds Employees Accountable

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The most significant part of being a business owner or team leader is holding employees accountable for getting the job done. You may find yourself asking how to get the most out of your team to get efficient time management for your janitorial service.

The excellent news is that janitorial management software guides you throughout the process, from job bidding to billing. You and your employees are guaranteed to remain on the same page from one location to another.

Janitorial Management Software Holds Employees Accountable

After using the cleaning service scheduling software to place the bids, you will know how long each job takes from start-up to finish. You have direct access to the cleaning management software, and each employee can log into their portal to do the following:

  • Clock in and out;
  • Scan QR codes as a checklist and gather instructions;
  • Keep track of inventory and order supplies as needed;
  • Communicate any problems or issues they may have.

The employee scans each QR code on the door or wall once they begin and scans again, checking that each room is completed with the tasks given. This process proves how long it takes to move from one area to another and how long it takes to clean each room.

Excess completion times in the system let you know the employee is wasting time or may have an issue that took longer than expected. Then, you can further look into the situation and determine the best way to handle it.

Janitorial Bidding Software and the Jobs You Take

Janitorial bidding software lets you know how much to charge the customer, considering the following:

  • Cost of labor;
  • Cleaning equipment required;
  • Supplies used;
  • How long will the job take, with a breakdown of each area;
  • How many employees to place on the job.

Once all this information is gathered, and you are awarded the job, the software makes it easy to punch in all the information for the job site with its requirements to deliver an estimate. It offers you the chance to train your workers on-site for the first location, and the employees can fly solo from that point. If there are any questions, the employees have a duty to communicate through the system or by phone call.

Cleaning Service Scheduling Software and Lining Up Jobs

Using a cleaning service scheduling software allows you to set up dates and times for which location needs cleaning. Some sites may require cleaning every day, while others call for once a week. Sometimes, a job that only wants a thorough cleaning periodically will pop up.

With commercial cleaning software, you have control of operating your cleaning service efficiently to save time and money. It will also allow you to take on more work and employees as the company grows.

It doesn’t matter how many jobs or employees you take on. The system is designed to work specifically for each location. The scheduling program built into the software will help with logistics and time management to deliver the best customer service. It keeps the team of employees in check with time limits to let them know you are watching them to get the most out of your company.

Let Janitorial Manager Help Your Company

The customer will also have their portal to the cleaning management software, so they can follow through with what is happening step by step. Janitorial Manager is very hands-on in the process of being available to help set up the software and train the trainers, so you are well equipped to train your team of employees. The software performs like no other, and our customer service team walks you through everything from start to finish, along with troubleshooting.

Let Janitorial Manager set up a demo to show you how to add integrity and transparency with your employees and customers.

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