Top 3 Gadgets You Need for Travelling

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In today’s world, our lives revolve around technology. From waking up from bed to going for work, from kitchen to bathroom, it’s gadgets everywhere. They are an essential part of our life.  Travelling is no exception when every now and then there are latest innovations in the sea of technology. Where you’re required to be sharp and vigilant during your trip, you need to see and feel your surroundings too. travelling is now made easier with newest of inventions in the tech world. Whether it’s a long journey over the globe or a short road trip, there are some essential devices you need.

Searching the internet for the must have travelling gadgets; it’s a headache to find the one that are actually important. To cut the chase, we shortlisted the 3 gadgets that will make your travelling, a breeze.

1- Air Pods Max Over-Ear Headphones

Long journeys require long waiting and long waiting requires an over-ear headphone. With Air Pods Max the exhausting journeys can be made fun. The Bluetooth connection of this device, frees from hassle of tangled wires. With the active noise-controlling feature, watch your favorite movie without having to bare high pitched cries of babies in the background. The 20 hours listening time is perfect for never-ending flights or exhausting road trips. All you need to do is open your Bluetooth on any device and connect your Air pods and you’re good to go. The breathable knit-mesh canopy and ear cushions made from memory foam makes the listening experience even more comfortable. Overhead detection makes it easier to switch between the devices. Go wireless with these Air pods Max Over-Ear Headphones from Noon coupon code UAE today.

2- Redmi High-Speed Charging Technology Powerbank

What more can be annoying when your phone start indicating low battery at the climax of your fun trip. Redmi Powerbank is here to save you from the unwanted annoyance. Compatible with multiple devices, it had type-A, Type-C and micro USB. You can charge your earphones with your multiple other gadgets. Its 20,000mAh high density li-polymer battery charges your devices rapidly avoiding overcharge, making it the most durable Powerbank you can have. 447g weight of Redmi Powerbank never gets too heavy to slide it inside your jeans pocket. It’s indicator lights alert you when to charge the Powerbank, though it won’t be necessary for a day or two.

3- Coolpix P950 Point and Shoot Camera

Going for a long vacation and not taking pictures is a combo that never exists. There’s always a point where you can’t resist taking out your camera and save the scenery in your device. Coolpix P950 got you covered. It’s HD resolution snaps crystal clear pictures in a matter of second. Automatic flash helps take perfect pictures even in low-light or poor lighting condition. The optical viewfinder of Coolpix and superior image sensor offers High definition quality images and clarity. You can zoom into the picture 4x magnification without image distortion. To satisfy your photographic soul all you need to pack is Coolpix P950 Point and Shoot Camera along with your other travel gadgets.

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